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80/20 Balancer Pools

One of the main motivations behind Balancer Protocol is to allow AMMs (automated market makers) to fully utilize idle capital even if it is not evenly spread across different tokens. Today anyone can provide liquidity using Uniswap pools, with the … Read More

Balancer Contracts are Open-Sourced

After several months of heavy development we are excited to announce Balancer core contracts are now open-sourced at: The bronze release deliberately favors clarity, security, and conservativeness over any gas optimizations. For more details on the math approximations and solidity … Read More

Building Liquidity into Token Distribution

This is a continuation of a series of articles on Balancer where we highlight the flexibility of the protocol, specifically the concept of smart pools. Smart pools are controlled / private pools that are owned by a smart contract which … Read More

Interest-Bearing Stablecoin Pools Without Impermanent Loss

TLDR: You can earn higher yield by putting your stablecoins in this Balancer pool than you would by simply lending them on Compound. It’s like cDAI but with the upside of also getting trading fees accrued over time in the … Read More

Bonding Surfaces & Balancer Protocol

After well over a year of work, Balancer Labs has released the Balancer Protocol Whitepaper. We have restricted it on purpose to the core mathematical framework and main proofs for conciseness and readability. Balancer is a non-custodial portfolio manager, liquidity provider, … Read More